The Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) elects new cabinet members

Press Release:

London: 2019-03-26

The executive committee of the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) elected Dr. Naseer Dashti as its new Executive President following the resignation of Waja Akber Barakzai.  In a meeting held in London on 23rd March 2019, Jamshaid Amiri was appointed as the representative for Western Balochistan while Qambar Malik Baloch was elected as the Secretary Information of BHRC.

The meeting resolved that it will increase its endeavours in order to highlight in international fora the serious human rights challenges facing the Baloch people. It was also decided that a responsible and inclusive approach will be taken in the strategies of BHRC in order to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization.

In this regard, it was agreed that BHRC would liaise and work towards the establishment of coordinating channels and alliances with other rights groups working for the achievement of the same objectives. 

The Council while expressing grave concern over the appalling human rights situation in Balochistan resolved to increase and expand its participation in the bi-annual UNHRC sessions in Geneva. Various other activities by BHRC in the coming months were discussed and teams were constituted to look into the future events of the organization that would include convening conferences on the human rights situation of Balochistan in different capitals of the western world.

BHRC expresses concern over continued human rights violations in Balochistan

London: Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) expressed extreme concern on the continuing human rights violations being perpetrated by the Pakistani state security agencies in Balochistan.  In a letter, dated 30/12/2018,  sent to the UN Secretary-General, it drew the attention of international community towards the plight of the family members whose beloved have been abducted by security agencies or their proxy organization and their fate is still unknown. 

The letter to the Secretary-Generalof the United Nation, signed by BHRC (UK) general secretary Mr. Samad Baloch, urged him to take cognizance of the grave situation prevailing in Balochistan for the last many decades. 

The letter urged the UN chief to exert pressure on Pakistani authorities to end the brutal treatment of the Baloch social, political and literary figures and to abandon itsinhuman  “kill and dump” policy in Balochistan.