The human rights violations in Balochistan must stop: BHRC

Geneva: March 6, 2020

While highlighting the atrocities being perpetrated on the Baloch, the BHRC representative Qambar Malik Baloch in his intervention during the general debate on item 3 of the 43rd Session of the UNHRC demanded that the human rights violations in Balochistan must be stopped.

He drew the attention of the council to the human rights violations being perpetrated by the Iranian and Pakistani states against the Baloch people who need urgent attention from the international community.

The BHRC representative asked the council to take notice of thousands of the Baloch political activists whose whereabouts are not known while thousands have been the victim of the kill and dump policy of the Pakistani state. He said that the physical elimination of the Baloch political and human rights activists by Pakistan is to counter the Baloch national struggle for the right to self-determination as enshrined in the UN conventions. 

Bringing the attention of the council on the socio-cultural and economic exploitation of the Baloch, he observed that in their assimilation strategies, the Iranian and Pakistani states are denying education in the Balochi language and cherished Baloch cultural values are being degraded by their media. He said that Balochistan is rich but its people are kept poor because of the ruthless exploitation of resources to the advantage of Punjabi and Persian nations. Pointing to the disgusting role of China, he pointed out that now, China is emerging as a new colonial power in Balochistan eyeing the Baloch resources under the CPEC.

He asked the council president that as according to UN conventions, these actions of the Iranian and Pakistani States are genocide acts, appropriate actions should be taken and immediate and meaningful intervention should be initiated to stop the atrocities on the Baloch. 

Baloch Human Rights Council raised finance in aid of Flood victims in Balochistan

London: The Baloch Human Rights Council – BHRC has raised £2,500 an
equivalent of 137061774.93 Iranian Rial to pass along to relief organizations
helping the flood victims in western Balochistan.

The money was raised and will be passed on to the victims by the BHRC
President Dr Habibullah Malik and Jamshaid Amiri, the BHRC representative for western Balochistan.

The finance we have gathered is next to nothing if compared to the magnitude of damage been faced by the flood victims, however, it is a token of moral support to our brethren in Balochistan and our sincere thoughts are with them.

We are concerned that despite more than two weeks after the floods, the Iranian authorities have failed to mitigate the damages suffered by the people in men and material in Balochistan. This clearly shows the authorities do not treat the Baloch in the same way it treats the majority ethnicity in Iran. Once again, we appeal to the United Nations and the European Commission to directly intervene in this matter and rescue the people in need.

BHRC to run an awareness campaign at the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council

London: The Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) is set to hold an awareness campaign during the 43rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council – UNHRC in Geneva in March 2020. 

The awareness campaign by the BHRC will be comprised of a series of events focusing on some of the major human rights and humanitarian challenges inflicted on the Baloch by the religious states of Pakistan and Iran. These will include seminars, interventions on Item 3 and Item 4 General debates, and the distribution of flyers in different major locations in Geneva.

On 11 March 2020, the BHRC will organize a conference titled Genocide in Balochistan: the role of International Community at the Broken Chair in Geneva that will bring together different human rights defenders, policymakers and NGOs to discuss the ways to persuade the International community for a more engaging role in the peaceful resolution of the Baloch conflict with Pakistan and Iran.

On 12 March 2020, a seminar focusing on the rise of state-sponsored religious extremism in Balochistan will be held which will be followed by a protest demonstration outside the UN building at the Broken Chair on the 13 March 2020. The BHRC members will then distribute flyers (containing information about the human rights situation in Balochistan) in different locations of Geneva city. 

BHRC Appeals for Humanitarian aid to Flood victims in Balochistan

London: The Baloch Human Rights Council strongly condemns the insensitivity of the Iranian and Pakistani authorities and their failure to extend relief to the flood victims in Balochistan. We appeal to the International Humanitarian organizations including the UN and European Commission to intervene directly through emergency teams to assess and address the needs of the people severely affected by heavy rains and unprecedented floods in Eastern and Western Balochistan.

Heavy rainfalls and devastating floods have struck hundreds of villages in Balochistan causing significant human and material loss. Many villages have been left cut off with hundreds of houses destroyed leaving people without food and shelter.

Lack of health facilities, safe water, and the absence of emergency relief by the authorities have further deteriorated the situation. According to various media reports, 20,000 people have lost their homes and at least four people are reported dead.

The International humanitarian organizations must come forward to save the people of Balochistan who are in desperate need of help and support.

Berlin Conference Declaration: the humanitarian challenges in Balochistan

Berlin Conference Declaration:

This document summarizes the conclusion of the conference on the Humanitarian challenges in Balochistan held on 11 December 2019 in Berlin by the Human rights organizations working for the protection and promotion of the rights of the people of Balochistan. The organizers of the conference were the Baloch Human Rights Council – BHRC, Baloch Human Rights Organization – BHRO and the Human Rights Council of Balochistan – HRCB 

In the face of grave violation of the human rights in Balochistan and the vulnerable situation facing the Baloch as a national entity, the conference discussed various aspects of human rights and humanitarian challenges in Balochistan. The conference speakers highlighted the plight of the people of Balochistan in the face of unchecked and concentrated brutalities being perpetrated against them by the state security forces of Pakistan for the last many decades. The conference affirms and asserts the following: 

  • Expresses extreme concern on the continuing state-supervised human rights violations in Balochistan and noted that the kill and dump policy adopted by the state security agencies in Balochistan for the last two decades, has costs hundreds of precious lives. 
  • Draws the attention of the international community towards the extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances of the Baloch political and social activists by the army and its proxy death squads. Expresses deep concern at the silent complicity of the international community at the grave violations of human rights in Balochistan and demands that international human rights organizations should step up their efforts against the brutalities of the Pakistani military establishment in Balochistan. 
  • Emphasizes further that the Baloch people are facing a situation where not only their personal security is at stakes but also their socio-cultural values, languages, traditional knowledge system, and way of life are suppressed violently and religious extremism is being promoted in Baloch society in order to dilute their demand for the right of self-determination.  
  • Expresses concern over the fact that being one of the richest lands in the world, the people of Balochistan are among the poorest of the poor. This is because of the systematic disenfranchisement of Baloch and ruthless exploitation of their resources by the Pakistani state in the benefit of Punjab under the pretext of various controversial mega-projects including the most recent and much-hyped China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
  • The Baloch as a nation has the inherent and universal right of self-determination as enshrined in international law, including in the Charter of the United Nations, the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The implementation of the right of self-determination is fundamental for the survival of the Baloch, including their cultural values, languages, religions, economy, and ways of life, land and resources.
  • The international community must come forward and urge the government of Pakistan to refrain from the use of oppressive measures which are in constant disregard of laws, customs and rules, with no regards to vulnerable women and children are leading to human rights violations against the Baloch. It must take immediate measures to ensure that the perpetrators of human rights violations within the Military, paramilitary and proxy organizations of the States to face justice.

Berlin conference calls for Humanitarian Intervention in Balochistan

Berlin, Germany – 11 December 2019: The Baloch human rights groups gathered in Berlin on Wednesday to accentuate the overlooked plight of the people of Balochistan in an attempt to induce the international community to play a more active role in bringing an end to the miseries of the Baloch. 

The conference entitled, “A one-day conference on the humanitarian challenges in Balochistan” was held at the Seminar-Mit-Spreeblick and was jointly organized by the Baloch Human Rights Council – BHRC, Baloch Human Rights Organization – BHRO and the Human Rights Council of Balochistan – HRCB. The organizers of the conference presented a detailed account of the prevailing humanitarian crises in Balochistan and the various challenges facing its people. 

In his opening remarks, Qambar Malik Baloch of BHRC outlined the objectives of the conference and moderated the panel discussion. A short documentary prepared by the Baloch Human Rights Council was played as the conference commenced. The documentary focused on the historical events leading to the existing human rights situation in Balochistan which was followed by detailed presentations by Abdullah Abbas of BHRO, Yousuf Murad of HRCB and Qambar Malik Baloch of BHRC on the cases of extra-judicial killings & enforced disappearances, the plight of Baloch women and children, and the state-sponsored religious extremism in Balochistan respectively. The presentations challenged on the basis of reasoning, data and evidence, the state’s narrative that claims to have provided the Baloch with all the necessities and amenities of life while blaming the foreign powers for the deteriorating situation in Balochistan.

Other prominent speakers included Hans Noot of Human Rights without Frontiers, Sigrid Krieg of Amnesty International, Dr Hidayat Bhutto of World Sindhi Congress and Fernando Burges of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization who sympathized with the Baloch and stressed that the state of Pakistan should respect and act in compliance with the UN declaration of human rights and other conventions that Pakistan is party to.  

According to the panel, the people of Balochistan have been exposed to a systematic and organized campaign of violence by the state authorities of Pakistan resulting in the destruction of their culture, identity and way of life while putting the lives of its people at the risk of annihilation. In recent years, the scale and impact of the atrocities on the people of Balochistan have increased exponentially. Many actions of Pakistan in Balochistan to crush the national aspirations of the Baloch for their right to self-determination, come into the category of crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. 

The conference voiced its concern on the silence of the western countries and organizations championing the cause of human rights on one of the major humanitarian crises in the world and called for humanitarian intervention in Balochistan to bring peace and stability to its people.

BHRC organized a protest demonstration outside the US embassy in London

Baloch Human Rights Council held a protest demonstration outside the US embassy demanding US intervention in the appalling human rights situation in Balochistan, and requested the US authorities to press Iranian and Pakistani state authorities to refrain from further human rights violations against the Baloch people.

Dated: 2011

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) Supports Sindhi People’s Legitimate Struggle for Their Waters

Baloch Human Rights Council UK (BHRC-UK) in a press release issued today condemned the acting Chairman of Indus River System Authority’s (IRSA) for the unilateral and illegal decision to open Chashma-Jehlum link canal.

BHRC-UK noted that while in Sindh people do not have water to drink forget about agriculture, this is a criminal act of Punjab which shows their continued disregard and arrogance towards the rights of other nations.

BHRC-UK recognises the historical rights of Sindhi people on their natural resources including waters and notes with great concern the arrogant disregard of Punjab of the unanimous decisions of Sindh, Balochistan and Paktunkhuwa assemblies, thousands of rallies, strikes and hunger strikes in Sindh and demands of the civil society organisations.

BHRC demands that the Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal should be immediately closed and reiterated that Baloch people are together with their sindhi brothers in their legitimate struggle for their historical rights on waters of river Indus.

Samad Baloch

General secretary

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)

BHRC strogly condemns the target killing of Baloch Nationalist Politician

Date: 15 July 2010

Press Release:

Baloch Human Rights Council strongly condemns the assassination of prominent Baloch nationalist politician Habib Jalib Baloch, Secretary General of the Balochistan National Party (BNP) on Wednesday 14 July 2010. BHRC (UK) strongly condemns the inhuman tactics of the Pakistani State Establishment of physically eliminating prominent nationalist leaders through the “proxy death squads” operating on behalf of security agencies like Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) in Balochistan.

It is noteworthy to mention that the notorious death squad alleged to be supervised by the Pak army the “Baloch Mussallah Defai Tanzim” who claimed the murder of Habib Jalib Baloch had also accepted responsibility of the killing of Baloch students in Khuzdar a few weeks ago including the vice president of Baloch Students Organization (BSO) Rasheed Baloch who survived death from an assassination attempt on his life and is currently under treatment in a hospital.

BHRC is saddened and grieved on the killing of Baloch leader and cordially offers its heartiest sympathy and condolences to his immediate family, his party and to Baloch nation.

Baloch Human Rights Council regards the killings of the Baloch politicians as the ongoing state policy of eliminating Baloch intellectual & political cream. It is the repetition of the policy which Pakistani army adopted in East Pakistan in 1971 before the independence of Bangladesh.

BHRC sincerely appeals to the Baloch political leadership that the time is over due to Unite and reconcile their pity political differences on the supreme cause of Baloch national salvation.

BHRC strongly requests the UN, EU and rest of the civilized democratic world and international community to take serious notice of the inhuman, barbaric and fascists activities of the Pakistan state agencies. BHRC also appeals the international community for taking serious actions in order to solve the Baloch conflict with Pakistan in a peaceful way. The international efforts may help in saving the Baloch from the clutches of a ruthless and brutal Army Establishment which is not only committing the acts of genocide in Balochistan but also involved in the terrorist activities in Afghanistan, India, Europe, America and many other parts of the world.

Samad Baloch

General Secretary (BHRC)

On the occasion of International Day against Torture

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) has written a letter to His excellency Ban Ki Moon the secretary General of United Nations On the occasion of International Day against Torture in support of victims of torture on 26 June 2010.

Secretary- General

United Nations

United Nations Secretariat New York,

NY 10017-3515

Subject: Deteriorating human rights situation in Pakistan and Iranian controlled Balochistan

Dear Secretary General,

On the occasion of International Day against Torture in support of victims of torture on 26 June, we would like to draw your kind attention towards the inhuman treatment of the Baloch by the Iranian and Pakistani security agencies.

Baloch are facing the cruellest state oppression in the contemporary history. Cultural, social, historical, economical and political marginalization by both states is the hallmark of the subjugation of the Baloch. The Baloch have been resisting subjugative measures by peaceful political mobilization. The religious fundamentalist states of Pakistan and Iran have been reacting to the genuine Baloch demands for cultural, economic and political emancipation with the use of crude military prowess. Kidnappings, torture, solitary confinement and extra judicial killings of the Baloch by state intelligence agencies are the usual ways adopted by the Pakistani and Iranian States and have been graphically reported by various international human rights organisations affiliated with the United Nations.

Whereabouts of thousands of the Baloch civilians are still unknown. Pakistani govt. officials have accepted of more then 1000 missing person themselves last year and we genuinely believe that their lives are in grave danger. Abductions of students, doctors, teachers, journalists and human rights activists is going on daily basis in Balochistan. The Chief Minister of Balochistan, the Governor of Balochistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan have admitted the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan and have shown their helplessness against Pakistani army and its notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) agencies. In addition of this, the Pakistani military establishment has created numerous religious terrorist organizations as proxy “Hit Squads” and with the help of these organizations consisting of dacoits and robbers and working with different nomenclatures is fully determined to get rid of the Baloch political and human rights activists by their physical extermination by these proxy hit squads. This is being done in order to silence the voice of the democratic and secular people of Balochistan. A large number of prominent Baloch social, intellectual and political figures have been targeted and eliminated by these hit squads being controlled by the state securities agencies. Recently these organizations were reportedly involved in the killing of students in Khuzdar district of Balochistan and acid throwing on the Baloch women in the name of religious values.

A brutal military operation is being carried out by the Pakistani State in Balochistan for the last five years in which thousands of innocent men, woman and children have been mercilessly killed. By all accounts, the acts of terror on the part of the Pakistani military establishment are tantamount to acts of genocide against the Baloch people and the tactics of killing the innocent Baloch adopted by the armed forces, paramilitary forces, civilian administration and state security agencies of Pakistan are in violation of international conventions regarding human rights.

Your Excellency,

Pakistan and Iran are combining their efforts for the genocide of the Baloch. The handing over of Abdul Hameed Rigi, the brother of Abdul Malik Rigi by Pakistan to Iranian authorities is against international conventions and a prime example of both countries respect of human rights and international laws. The abduction and subsequent murder of Mr. Abdul Malik Rigi would not have been possible without the involvement of Pakistani security agencies. Both brothers are among hundreds of the Baloch political, social and religious workers whom Iranian authorities hanged publically without proper court hearing and the chance of defending themselves. Hundreds of Baloch activists are lavishing in Iranian torture cells to be hanged and humiliated.

The irony is that the UN and international community are watching silently the violation of human rights and annihilation of an entire people by Iranian and Pakistani states. The silence of the UN and international community can not be justified in the name of the principle of state sovereignty. Pakistan is a state created in the name of religion and religious fundamentalism is the basic pillar of its state ideology. Now it is an open secret that Pakistan is exporting religious terrorism in India, Afghanistan, UK, Chechnya and other parts of Europe. UN and international community should not forget that the Pakistani State is in the possession of Islamic nuclear bombs and Iran is busy of making its own Shia version of Islamic nuclear bombs. Pakistani Islamic bombs are in the hands of the known rogue army establishment in the contemporary world and Iranian Shia bombs will be in the hands of Shia fundamentalist Mullahs.

Your Excellency,

The situation for the Baloch is alarming, The Baloch are finely being minced by the powerful jaws of the world’s two most notorious and brutal states of Pakistan and Iran. We believe that we are justified in asking for the immediate intervention of UN in order to pressurize both states for an immediate end to genocide acts being committed on the Baloch.

The Baloch Human Rights Council therefore requests your immediate intervention. We strongly request you to press the Pakistani and Iranian States to stop all atrocities against the Baloch political, social and human rights activists and civilians. We request that this petition be taken as an urgent humanitarian appeal. Your immediate intervention could save not only countless innocent lives but could also prevent the present situation from developing into a total genocide of the defenseless Baloch people. We will be grateful if the UN could establish an international commission to investigate the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Iranian and Pakistani states establishments in Balochistan.

Yours sincerely

Samad Baloch

General Secretary

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)